Brickhouse Loft

a boutique hotel

Hello! My name is Michelle Keller and I am the owner and founder of Brickhouse Loft-a boutique hotel and the venue Brickhouse on Main- Weddings & Events. I am a resident of Martinsville and have lived here most of my life. I have been married for 25 years to Chip Keller and we have two amazing children, Emmah (22) and Ben (21). Up until 2019, I was a hairdresser and salon owner in Bloomington for 28 years. I love customer service and decided I wanted to shift careers and focus on hospitality. I opened Brickhouse on Main- Weddings and Events in May of 2019. My desire was to provide a stress free, perfectly planned event at a beautiful location. Throughout my years as a salon owner, we assisted with numerous weddings. I also have it in my blood to host and plan events. I have been on both sides of many events and saw where our expertise could be useful. When my focus shifted, I decided to bring this vision to my hometown, Martinsville. I have been blessed to be associated with The Artesian Group and Fenneman Enterprises where they believed in my vision and dreams. I was able to jump on board during a time of growth in our downtown thanks to these companies. I decided to take a leap of faith and start not only one, but two businesses within 18 months of each other. You see, I saw a need in our community and I knew this would be the perfect way for me to give back. Also, our venue needed an additional option for outdoor weddings as we could not provide this service. The Brickhouse Loft is not only a beautiful boutique hotel complete with a bridal suite, it also has the perfect space for outdoor weddings or small receptions. But, if weddings are not of interest, come enjoy, relax, and visit Martinsville's newest addition to the downtown.